Discovery Call

Get Your Personal Queries Resolved in 15 mins Session

Language: English, Hindi

Instructors: Sheetal Vijay / Subramani Sarode

Validity Period: 2 days

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Your subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than the conscious mind? The success in your life will always match your Mindset?

Are you stuck in your life and not clear on which direction to proceed?

Facing issues for long and not finding any solution from roots permanently?

Are you bugged up trying all solutions for your problems and it still exists?

Do you need any support to Lead Life Powerfully on Your Terms?

If “Yes”, Please do Book an Appointment to Speak to a Mind Expert and get your real-time queries resolved and understand what is possible with our services and long-term associations.

We promise you the 100% results you are seeking, provided you are 100% coachable.


It doesn’t take hours for transformation with an expert like Sheetal Vijay Ingale or Subramani Sarode Or any other team member with 15+ years of experience, it takes only minutes to change perception with an open-minded conversation. Just be coachable and do as asked for your betterment.

Global Citizens Pay here USD 37.97$ 


All shares are kept confidential, feel free to express completely to propose you a solution to resolve the issues you are facing from the roots