The CEO Formula

Experience the CEO within

Language: English

Instructors: Subramani Sarode, Sheetal Vijay

Validity Period: 12 days

Max Viewing Hours: 10 Hours

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Are you a working professional?

Are you stuck in your life or career?

Do you want to optimise your energy?

Do you want to get your desired promotion and salary hike?

Do you want to get into the desired project?

Do you want to be the CEO of your life?

Do you want to Master life on a personal and professional front?

If your answer is “Yes”, to any of the above questions, then register for the program below to know what is possible with us.

In 5 days, sessions on "The CEO Formula - Experiencing the CEO Within”, you will get the following:

Day 1:

Restlessness to Peacefulness

Launching peace in less than a min with our Awareness Techniques without hours of meditation

Day 2:

Know your depth

Get connected to your deeper self effortlessly with our basic awareness activities

Day 3:

Key to free from past and fly light

Opening the path to abundance

Day 4:

Get the key to access hidden powers in you

Understanding the roots to set the fruits right

Day 5:

Ticket to CEO of life

The CEO Journey begins


Total Bundle Worth 6102 Rs.


Bonuses for all – Bundle Worth Rs. 13,649/-


Divine Relaxation

Relaxing Invoking the Divine Within



Identify Your Stress Levels

Test to Evaluate Stress in Your Life the Simplest Way



The Bridge to Success Formula

Filling the Gap from Where You Are and Where You Want to Be



Discovering Being Estimable

Understanding Your Worthiness Levels in Different Areas of Life


Action Taker Special Bonuses, Special Action Taker Bonus Only for 100% Action Takers



15 mins Consultation Worth 951

1 on 1 Personal Consultation To Get Clarity in Life



Personality Profiling worth 5000 Rs. For FREE!!!

Report to Understand Your Behaviours Deeper


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Sessions are conducted every Monday to Friday 8 pm to 9 pm, but the offer won’t come back ever again.

Registration should be done before Saturday 11.59 pm to be considered in the Monday session, else you will be considered in next week's batch Live sessions only.

Batch 1- 4th Oct to 8th Oct 2021

Batch 2- 11th Oct to 15th Oct 2021

Batch 3 - 18th Oct to 22nd Oct 2021

Batch 4 - 25th Oct to 29th Oct 2021

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