Training and Coaching is deep with our experienced and versatile team of professionals

How do we teach? How do we touch and transform lives effortlessly?

 We are a team of highly experienced professionals in the field of transformation for over a decade now and each team member is a serious meditator. We stand nothing less than giving the best to the participants who trust us. We have been improvising our methods and systems to make transformation comfortable, easy and effortless for all who come to us. On it to make it entertaining and fun too in coming months.

The current training, coaching methodologies used are

1. Assignments 

 2. Mentoring 


 4. Proven System and Process 

 5. Deep Diving Activities

Every person is unique and one size can’t fit all. Hence, we do a lot of activities in the group but then we also give assistance one on one on what’s app, call, mail, zoom meetings and we see to it that the issue is addressed at every participant level specifically with what they are dealing with in life. 

Hence, we take only a handful of participants every batch and we do not start a new batch until the participants are almost on track and got what they came to us for in 1st place. We promise 100% results if you are willing to be 100% coachable even if it gets uncomfortable and being in communication as in structure, as we will help you to get over the phase faster than ever and it will be gone for good provided you do the work that needs to be done to chip the part of you off that’s not you originally.  

We will help you deal with real-time subconscious resistance that comes up and help you to resolve it permanently giving you customised solutions that work on the go in the follow-up sessions.

The only thing that is needed by the participant is to implement what is asked and be accountable for one’s own actions.

Register for, "The Ceo Formula", Experience the CEO within and witness the different ways as to how we evoke the best out of you in simple ways with our proven system and processes.